Jay Longfellow from Razzball Podcast

Jay Longfellow

Jay Longfellow, the editor-in-chief of Football.Razzball is a true fan of NFL – he’s stuck with the San Diego Chargers for years despite the mediocrity.
Here are some highlights that I loved from his interview
  • Jay actually likes Norv Turner as a coach – seriously not making this up
  • He believes there is a worse ownership group that the Chargers
  • He tries not to drink when he writes about football
  • Jay misses the days where he can just focus on his hometown teams
  • He used sports to cope after his father’s death – and these two teams are an anchor despite the distance
  • He admits he drafted Phillip Rivers because of him being a fan
  • He recognizes that women in sports are not unicorns but somewhat normal

Tweet: Sports is like a real relationship even when they fail enough times you just get used to it yet you still love the team @jaywrong

The Questions Every Sports Fan Needs To Be Able To Answer

Each guest fills out this questionnaire about their own fandom

Favorite Sports Teams

San Diego Chargers and Padres

Greatest Athlete of All Time?

Tony Gwynn.

Greatest Coach of All Time?

Norv Turner. LOL.

Favorite Sports Memory

Chargers beating the Steelers back in the 1994 AFC Championship.

Best Sports Movie 

Major League

Best food/drink to consume while watching a game

Fanta and something with starch.

Where is your favorite place to watch a game?


Your favorite sports quote

This is not Nam. This is bowling. There are rules. Walter Sobchak

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