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The Sports Gal Pal at the 2015 Villanova vs UVa Game in John Paul Johns Arena

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Ramona Rice was a very casual fan of football, basketball, and baseball growing up. Her father watched sports and her hometown of Hampton Roads is known for its high school football - but she didn't fall in love with sports until she fell in love with a guy, James, who loved to watch sports - any sport.

When they became engaged Ramona decided to learn more about his favorite sport, football, and checked out Football For Dummies by Howie Long. She also started to listen to sports radio, watching ESPN and games. Most importantly Ramona asked James tons of questions and he was great. He explained all the points in the game and he seemed really excited that she was interested.

After getting married and having two tiny humans Ramona decided to finish her college degree at her dream school, the University of Virginia. She graduated in 2012, with a degree and a passion for Hoos athletics. (She even wrote her senior thesis about college athletics!) Her husband joined in the madness, and together they spent a ton of time watching sports, and more importantly a ton of time together bonding, and strengthening their marriage.

In February 2016, James passed away suddenly at the age of 37 from a stroke. Ramona took a break from the podcast and sports as both were tied directly with her beloved husband. Now she's coming off of the sidelines, and back in the game - bringing out fresh content and she has a bold new goal - discovering her love of sports on her own terms.

The Sports Gal Pal is now not only a place where any one can learn to fall in love with sports - but a project to help Ramona remember and honor the place sports had in her life with James.

When not in sportsland, Ramona is a professional content marketer and her clients include Podcast Websites, DeStress Express Massage and Spa, and Rose & Womble Realty Company. She is also the cohost of the new hit podcast We Should Not Be Friends. She lives in Virginia with her tiny humans.

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